Tiffs Treats

Tiff’s Treats

A cookie delivery app to drool over

Services: UI/UX, Development
Categories: iOS, Android, UI/UX

How we saved a cookie company’s dough 

Who wouldn’t fall all over themselves to work with the first-ever bakery to deliver fresh, warm cookies to one’s door? After being in business for 10 years, Tiff’s Treats wanted a mobile app that their customers could order their cookies from and then eagerly track the driver in real time. We jumped on this existing project that had spiraled out of control and firmly got it back on track.

Well-known and well-loved, Tiff’s Treats had developed a reputation for delivering freshly baked cookies within two hours that would need to be maintained through the app. They had an established business model that the app needed to seamlessly work with. There were complex rules around food purchases, taxes, coupons, and other general business rules that applied to purchasing and scheduling product deliveries and pickup. We had strict style guides to adhere to.

Working within all the parameters, we brought a fresh perspective on tackling the project to get it out on time while ensuring that the app’s UX stayed true to Tiff’s Treats brand and that its interface was fun, friendly, and easy to use. Following the successful release of V1, we continue to work with Tiff’s Treats to roll out future iterations of the app.

Their Thoughts

“App is great to make quick orders. Love it!”