A skill-enhancing app for rising soccer stars –
and those that just wanna have fun

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How we’re upping the level of the playing field

In addition to being entrepreneurs, the guys at StatUP are coaches, players, and avid fans of soccer. The passion that they have for the beautiful game had spilled over into an idea for an app that could help players improve their soccer skills.

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The app is based on soccer drills which tests a player’s skill in a wide range of areas such as control, speed, juggling, dribbling, passing, shooting, and more – and scores their performance. They earn stats which helps track how the player is improving and gives a visual of their technical development.

We took on all of the development work for the Android and iOS apps, helping the team define and refine multiple iterations as we gained new knowledge through beta testing. We considered the skills that were important to coaches and athletes and built up a library of dozens of skill tests. Whether players use StatUP on their own or coaches use it for their teams, the app enables all players to keep track of their individual skill and inspires them to continue to improve.

“statUP brings excitement and professionalism to our program. Their unique tracking software is exactly what MSC is looking for…We want our players to have a visual of their technical growth so they can stay excited about improving! statUP does this!”

“My players LOVE statUP! Every week they ask which statUP test we are doing.”

“All the drills are so easy to do and great fun. As a coach I highly recommend it!”