Our Story

Lynette Perkins


We are techies at heart. We love to code and live to build. We made our foray into the mobile app scene around 2010 and have never looked back.

While making our first app (to control the speakers of car radios – because why not?), we discovered how much we loved helping people develop new ideas and make them into really cool and useful things. And so, Bohemian Innovation was born. Since then, we have realized the value we bring by combining our design and engineering talents with an understanding of our clients’ business intent to help develop new and exciting apps and interactive experiences that not only make a splash, but also help them achieve their goals.

We take our responsibility to help our clients succeed very seriously and value the long-term relationships we have nurtured by being innovative, dedicated, and diligent partners.  Today, our team focuses on interactive experience and mobile development. Working with both individuals and industry leaders, we turn ideas into a finished product and deliver unexpected, new solutions for the digital age.

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