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How we brought auto techs into the 21stcentury

We love it when clients like Mobile Tech RX come to us with an idea to revolutionize their industry. In this case, they wanted an app that could make the estimating and invoicing process for mobile auto recon techs more accurate, streamlined, and efficient – a profession which was largely paper-based – and time-consuming – at the time.

Working with Mobile Tech RX since inception, we became embedded in their business, understanding the issues their customers faced and the goals that the team wanted to achieve. We developed features to easily create estimates, work orders and invoices; run reports; and keep track of customers and technicians – essentially creating an end-to end solution that completely transformed the way auto recon professionals worked.

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We manage the entire tech stack including multiple iOS (for both US and Europe) and Android apps, web apps, and all server side work, making sure that the app works flawlessly on any device.

We continue to innovate and lead on development and strategy to bring out new features that align with business needs.

No.1 app for auto technicians offering PDR, mobile paint and rim repair service


“What was once a nightmare in paperwork became an easy way to keep everything in real time. Thanks guys for such an awesome product and outstanding service!”

“MTRX helped me take my PDR business to another level! The finishing touch for that professional image. Makes invoicing and data so much easier and faster. Never question repeat repairs on cars with the scan device. Love it!”

“MTRX is perfect for any company looking for a comprehensive solution to writing robust estimates, work orders, and invoices. It’s user interface is so intuitive and works flawlessly with iPhone and iPad products.”

“MTRX literally pays for itself every single month. If you aren’t using it, you’re losing money.”

“We run everything our business does through this amazing program. I couldn’t ask for better and I can be hard to please. Simply amazing and simply does it all.”

“When I first started using Mobile Tech RX, I was immediately impressed with all of the features and options built in specifically for the wheel industry. I couldn’t believe how much time and hassle it saved me. This software is packed with features designed specifically for the wheel repair technician and is super user friendly.”