Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy Farmers of Canada

The ultimate vending machine hack for an unlikely post-workout drink

Services: Concept, UX/UI, BI/IoT, Build, Execution
Categories: Interactive strategy, Hardware, Server

How we milked a hack for all it was worth

Ok this is the type of brief that really makes us jump out of bed in the morning. When the Dairy Farmers of Canada came to us looking for a unique, interactive way to promote chocolate milk as a post-workout drink, we were all over it.

We developed the concept of four fully-hacked, traveling vending machines that are activated through text message – the user texts the number on the vending machine, receives a code which they tap into the machine, and out pops a free sample of chocolate milk.

Working onsite in Vancouver, we modified the vending machines using custom boards and a backend system integrated with Twilio SMS service. Striking graphics and clear messaging topped off the one-of-a-kind, eye-catching behemoths.

Dairy Farmers of Canada

The execution of this brilliant hack gave the Dairy Farmers exactly what they wanted – a simple and impactful interactive experience that effectively raised awareness about chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink, as well as valuable access and information about their potential customers.